loan options

Loan Options

We offer the best mortgage broker services in Englewood, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, North Port, Venice, Sarasota, Bradenton, Fort Myers, and neighboring Florida area real-estate mortgage needs.


Conventional Home Loans

3% down payment, an excellent program for qualified First Time Home Buyers.

10% down payment on Second Homes.

15% down on Investment property.


Jumbo Home Loan 5% Down Payment

5% Down Payment Jumbo Loans up to $2,500,000, buy your dream home with a minimal down payment.


FHA Home Loan 3.5% Down Payment

An FHA loan allows a low 3.5% Down Payment with a 580-credit score, less strict credit, and underwriting requirements. Available to include all closing costs.


VA Home Loan ZERO Down Payment

Are you a veteran, member of the military or military spouse? You may qualify for a VA loan with FICO scores as low as 580.


USDA Home Loan ZERO Down Payment

A USDA loan provides a government-insured loan with Zero Down Payment for rural areas through the state with FICO scores as low as 620.


Reverse Mortgage

Reverse Home Mortgage Loan. A Florida Reverse Mortgage is a Loan for Seniors Age 62 and Older with no credit score required.


Condo Home Loan 3% Down Payment

We make condo financing quick and easy, with down payments as low as 3%. Non-Warrantable and Condo-Hotel loans too at lower LTV.


Multi-Family Property Loan 15% Down Payment

Multi-Family Properties, Duplex, Triplex, or Fourplex to Earn Rental Income. As low as 3.5% only if owner-occupied in one unit.


Refinance Home Loan

Want to consolidate your debt, lower your interest rate, or pay off your mortgage faster? We're ready to help you.


Renovation - Rehab Loans

Renovation mortgage programs allow buyers to purchase or refinance the costs of repairs done by a licensed contractor based on what the house is expected to be worth.


Private Investor Loan

This a great way to qualify for a home loan if you are self-employed and don't claim enough income on your tax returns.